Monday, September 20, 2010


I did it! Ok, it wasn’t official, but I ran a half marathon!!

As part of my training program they stress doing the full distance before race day. To help facilitate this they open the course 2 weeks before the race for anyone to run. The roads are not closed, but they fully mark the trail and have water stations. It was great!!

I am very happy that Galloway’s program has you do the full distance before race day (technically he says run a little more). I know many programs don’t do that. They believe that the momentum of the race will push you farther than you have gone before. That is probably true, but there is just something about having done the distance that makes race day more exciting.

I now know I can finish before the course officially opens up to traffic. They have no sweeper vehicle since they have a large number of walkers, but I really wanted to finish within the official time. Even having to go a lot slower and adding in some extra walks due to an injured running mate, our group finished over 20 minutes early. It is no longer about just finishing. I know I can do that now. I now have a time to beat. Like I said this practice run has made race day more exciting.

Now on to my two weeks of taper!


  1. congradulations!! That is so amazing, how long did it take you to get to that level of fitness?? I really want to run a half marathon by the end of next year :)

  2. Beth, I start doing a little running in March in prep for my 5k in May. The training program I joined for specifically for the half started in June and is 15 weeks (1 week to go). It is for all levels, but you had to be able to do at 3 miles of running/walking. Basically if you can complete a 5k before starting - even with a LOT of walking you would be fine.

    My best suggestion is to find a group to train with and a training program you like. I am not a social person at all, but I LOVED it. The Galloway program was also a perfect fit for me. It cost me a little under 200 dollars, but it was worth every penny. This way you not only have help from a more experienced team leader, but you also make a commitment to someone else - which gives you less reasons to skip the group runs or slack on the homework.

    And you can absolutely do a half by next year. Even if you are brand new there are 8 week programs for 5ks and then 16 week trainings for the half. All in all from very beginner to half marathoner you could do it in six months (or less if you have some running already).