Thursday, July 1, 2010


After my 5 mile run on Thursday I felt absolutely wonderful. I was tired, but didn't have any pain anywhere. Nothing. The next morning still nothing. I couldn’t believe it. About 24 hours later I started feeling a little sore, but not much. The shorter intervals and paying attention to my posture must have made a huge difference.

Or so I thought. I had company over the weekend so I did a lot of walking, but nothing strenuous. On Monday, I met with my personal trainer for a strength workout. Before my appointment I did my 25 minute run and a nice easy 20 minute walk. I felt great. Then my personal torturer trainer came in.

My body just stopped working. Some things, like squats, I physically couldn’t do. My legs refused. My upper body also went on strike. Things that I normally do with 12 pound barbells, I had to do with a 3 pound barbell. Even then my muscles quivered like jello and I had to put in extra rests. The worst part – I am STILL sore. Still. After 4 days. You would have thought my trainer went all out and tried to kill me I am so sore.

That of course made my Tuesday run very interesting. I felt every muscle. I considered skipping the workout since I was traveling and so sore, but I figured in the long run I would be worse off if I didn’t keep my muscles working. The strange part was even though I was incredibly sore, I had more stamina and endurance than normal. I did a few 1 minute intervals and a even a few 30 second 6 mph intervals. Considering the fact that the last time I did 6 mph I almost fell off the treadmill, I consider this a huge win. I finished up the day with a short and easy session on the recumbent bike to cool down. I could have done much more (and the hotel gym was great!), but I didn’t want to regret it in the morning.

Today is the beginning of week 4 of my training. Our group run is only three miles tonight and I can’t wait. It is strange to think of three miles being an easy run. I wasn’t that long ago that 3 miles was my goal distance. It will be interesting to see how I do. Even though we are supposed to do these long runs slower than normal I am thinking that since this is “only” three miles we will up the pace some. My goal is to beat my 5k pace – hopefully by 30 sec/m. Since it has been 5-6 weeks since that race I am guessing that goal is very doable.

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